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association’s statutes

Find the current version of the association’s statutes here.

Attachment to the declaration of membership: data protection/personal rights

(1) The association Mitte Supersonics eV collects, processes and uses personal data of its members (individual details about personal and factual circumstances) using data processing systems (EDP) to fulfill the purposes and tasks permitted according to the association’s statutes, for example within the framework of the general meeting.

In particular, this concerns the following data of the members and, if applicable, their legal guardians:
Name and address, date of birth, gender, telephone number (landline and mobile), email addresses, bank details, function in the association.

(2) As a member of the German Basketball Association (DBB), Berlin Basketball Association (BBV) and Landessportbund Berlin (LSB), the association Mitte Supersonics eV is obliged to report certain personal data there. Transmitted to the DBB (Schwanenstraße 6-10, 58089 Hagen) z. B. Surname, first name, date of birth and e-mail address (if applicable, name and e-mail addresses of legal guardians).

(3) Within the framework of the statutory provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (in particular §§ 34 and 35 BDSG), every member has the right to information about the data stored about him, the recipient and the purpose of the storage as well as the right to correction, deletion or blocking of his data . The right to object to the processing of personal data according to § 36 BDSG can be exercised by every member at any time.

(4) In connection with its tasks or its association purpose, the association publishes personal data, photos and video clips of its members on its homepage and transmits data, photos and video clips for publication to print and telemedia as well as electronic media.
This applies in particular to: Publication of reports on awards, tournaments, club events, leisure camps.

A member can object to the publication of individual photos/video clips of his person at any time. Once the objection has been received, the publication/transmission will cease and the association will remove existing photos from its website.

(5) Through their membership and the associated recognition of the association’s statutes, the members agree to the collection, processing (storage, modification, transmission) and use of their personal data to the aforementioned extent and scope. Any other data processing or use (e.g. advertising purposes) that goes beyond the fulfillment of its statutory tasks and purposes is only permitted to the association if it is obliged to do so for legal reasons or if the member has consented. A data sale is not permitted.

I have taken note of the declaration of consent. I agree to the use of my personal data listed for the stated purposes.