Let me weave a story about a basketball club that came into existence during the pandemic in 2021.

In the midst of a global pandemic, when the world was in lockdown and sports activities were halted, a group of international basketball enthusiasts found themselves longing to play the game they loved. Each member of this diverse group hailed from different corners of the globe, brought together by their shared passion for basketball.

Unable to participate in their activities due to lack of understanding with their old club first, and travel restrictions and closed facilities later on, they decided to take matters into their own hands. They envisioned creating a basketball club that would bring together individuals from various cultures and backgrounds, united by the common goal of playing basketball and staying connected as a community.

Like that on May the 4th of 2021 the first international basketball club from Mitte was created and on the 29th of July our favorite group of internationals played our first Official game.

As restrictions began to ease, and local regulations permitted small group gatherings, the Mitte Supersonics took their game to the courts. They found public outdoor spaces where they could safely practice and showcase their skills. The club’s philosophy revolved around inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of skill level or background, had an opportunity to participate and grow.

Word quickly spread about this unique basketball club, attracting attention from other individuals seeking an outlet to play the sport they missed dearly. Soon, the Mitte Supersonics expanded its membership, welcoming new players from neighboring communities who shared their passion for basketball.